29 мар. 2010 г.

Le Cercle - 2008 - Magnetic

Label: New Track Music, Anticraft Sarl
Format: CD
Date: 2008
Style: Acid Jazz, Nu Jazz
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Franz Schubert - 2004 - The Masterworks CD40

Label: Brilliant
Format: 40xCD (here 1 CD, #40)
Date: 2004


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The Dave Brubeck Quartet - 2009 - Time Out (50th Anniversary)

Label: Sony Legacy
Format: 2xCD
Date: 26 May 2009


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The Souljazz Orchestra - 2010 - Rising Sun

Label: Strut
Cat#: STRUT058CD
Format: CD
Date: 2010
Style: Jazz, Fusion, Funk

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28 мар. 2010 г.

Zero dB - 2010 - One Offs, Remixes & B Sides

Label: Tru Thoughts
Cat#: TRUCD209
Format: 2xCD, Compilation
Date: 22 Feb 2010
Style: Broken Beat, Nu Jazz, Downtempo


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Damu The Fudgemunk - 2010 - How It Should Sound (Promo EP)

Label: Redefinition Records
Cat#: none
Format: Digital
Date: 25 Mar 2010
Style: Instrumental Hip-Hop


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20 мар. 2010 г.

Eric Lau - 2008 - New Territories

Label: Ubiquity Records
Cat#: URCD 227
Format: CD
Date: Mar 2008
Style: Soul, Hip Hop


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19 мар. 2010 г.

Chris Joss Discography

Coffee & Cigarettes Band - 2009 - Love Thing

Label: Electric Roots
Cat#: ERS001
Format: CD
Date: 25 Jul 2009
Style: Nu Jazz, Instrumental Hip-Hop


Discogs, Download (VBR, 70mb): multiupload.com (upd: 15 feb 2011)

16 мар. 2010 г.

Buddy Peace - 2009 - Late Model Sedan

Label: Strange Famous Records
Cat#: sfr-bplms
Format: Digital
Date: 18 Aug 2009
Style: Instrumental Hip-Hop, Abstract, Experimental
Turntable genius and mixtape maestro Buddy Peace returns with his first official digital long-player, released on the Strange Famous label. Blending together supremely artful drum-sculpting with snippets of more abstract sounds (as well as a wide-ranging palette of vocal samples, this makes for one of this year's more interesting and organically experimental hip hop instrumental suites. More so than on most albums of this ilk, Buddy's music really takes you on a journey of some sort, but better still, along the way your travelling companions will be a dazzling array of beats, ranging from dark and jazzy, off-kilter figures (as on 'Hawkstring Corpse') to heavier, hiss-laden break treatments ('Arcade Murderflash'). Expertly put together and inventive throughout, Late Model Sedan comes recommended to all open-minded hip hop heads.


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15 мар. 2010 г.

Para - 2009 - Fallen on Def Ears

The debut album from the man billed as "the South West's answer to Cut Chemist", following on from a slew of mix CDs and scratch tools he's released. Fallen On Def Ears ignores current dominant trends in hip hop production and instead opts for a more vintage sound, full of cuts, scratches, reconstituted funk breaks and soulful vocal snippets. Obvious reference points would be... well, much of the Ninja Tune catalogue, although on a song like 'Save Your Breath' it gets even more Freshers Week-circa-1996 with a shameless nod towards big-beat, coming across as being a bit Norman Cook. Productions like 'Rescue Me' and 'It's The Hornet' are arguably more successful for sounding more like old 45s in their own right, and when it comes to stitching together samples in a classic cut & paste fashion, Para's clearly got a real craftsman's ear.


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M Slago - 2009 - Nag Champa Sessions


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13 мар. 2010 г.

11 мар. 2010 г.

Lambent - 2009 - Smoothness Extract (Deep Night at Ishigaki)

Label: Project: Mooncircle
Cat#: PMC047
Format: CD
Date: 2 Oct 2009
Style: Instrumental Hip-Hop, Downtempo, Abstract, Breaks, Experimental
‘Smoothness Extract (Deep Night At Ishigaki)’ is Lambent’s third full-length, and his first on Project Mooncircle, following previous albums more rooted in experimental ambient electronics for Insine and Expanding.

This record presents his sound in the context of instrumental hip hop, with strong elements of electronica still present. You could group it with the recent wave of Dilla-inspired beats, but equally it could sit with Autechre when they’re at 90 BPM. The album came about after Project Mooncircle heard some of Lambent’s tracks and fell in love with the calmer and smoother parts of his often intense sound. Hence, Lambent compiled these seventeen extracts from the gentler side of his repertoire.

This album is made as his dedication towards a small Japanese island, named Ishigaki. Berlin-resident Lambent is originally from Japan, but he has never visited this place… ‘Smoothness Extract’ is the soundtrack to a summer night trip around the island, visiting the many different aspects of the scenery, nature, feelings, emotions, sights and sounds as Lambent imagines them.


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My My & Emika - 2009 - Price Tag (EP)

Label: Aus Music
Cat#: AUS0924
Format: 12", EP
Date: Dec 2009
Style: House, Dubstep, Techno


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VA - 2009 - Tru Thoughts - 10th Anniversary (3xCD)

LabeL: Tru Thoughts
Cat#: TRUCD200
Format: 3xCD, Compilation
Date: 19 Oct 2009
Style: Jazz, Nu Jazz, Soul, Funk, Downtempo


Download (320, 175/180/130mb): load2.me: CD1/CD2/CD3

Ohmega Watts Discography

Soel - 2003 - Memento

Label: Warner Jazz France
Cat#: PRO4234
Format: CD
Date: 2003
Style: Acid Jazz, Nu Jazz

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3 мар. 2010 г.

Mayer Hawthorne - 2009 - A Strange Arrangement

Label: Stones Throw Records
Cat#: STH2219
Format: CD
Date: 15 Sep 2009
Style: Soul


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Kinny - 2009 - Idle Forest of Chit Chat

Label: Tru Thoughts
Cat#: TRUCD175
Format: CD,
Date: 23 Mar 2009
Style: Soul, Funk, Downtempo


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Nostalgia 77 Discography